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Problem: One million self-employed individuals in the Netherlands face difficulties in obtaining affordable disability insurance. Traditional insurance options are either too expensive or offer unfavorable terms, leaving them without adequate protection against disability risk during their working life.

Solution: A Peer-to-Peer (P2P) risk sharing scheme can address this issue by allowing self-employed individuals to mutually share the risk of disability. Participants in the scheme agree to cover each other's disability risk based on mutually agreed terms. This collaborative approach result in premiums that are at least 60% lower than those of traditional insurance, making the coverage more affordable and accessible. The P2P scheme operates until participants reach retirement age, ensuring they have comprehensive disability insurance throughout their working life.


Traditional DI

Profession: Crane operator
Disability: >25%
Payment pm at 100%: €2,000.00
Indexing: 2%
Waiting period: 90 days
Premium due until cancellation

Premium per month:

18 years of age: €159.71
21 years of age: €211.86
24 years of age: €224.82
27 years of age: €238.59
30 years of age: €253.19
33 years of age: €268.69
36 years of age: €285.13
39 years of age: €302.59
42 years of age: 
45 years of age: €340.76
48 years of age: €361.61
51 years of age: €383.75
54 years of age: €407.24
57 years of age: €432.16
60 years of age: €512.21
63 years of age: €521.94
66 years of age: €531.86
67 years of age: €542.15

P2P Risk Sharing

Profession: All professions
Disability: >25%
Payment pm at >80%: €2,000.00
Indexing: Inflation
Waiting period: 30 days
Premium due until cancellation

Premium per month at average 4%:

18 years of age: €    5.00
21 years of age: €  14.00
24 years of age: €  23.00
27 years of age: €  32.00
30 years of age: €  41.00
33 years of age: €  50.00
36 years of age: €  59.00
39 years of age: €  68.00
42 years of age: €  77.00
45 years of age: €  86.00
48 years of age: €  95.00
51 years of age: €107.00
54 years of age: €116.00
57 years of age: €125.00
60 years of age: €134.00
63 years of age: €143.00
66 years of age: €152.00
67 years of age: €155.00


The average long-term disability rate among self-employed individuals insured by Dutch insurance companies typically ranges from 1.5% to 2.5%. This variation depends on factors such as age, occupation, and chosen coverage, as reported by KPMG, Dutch Association of Insurers, and DNB.

Currently, absenteeism due to illness is lowest among self-employed individuals at 1.7%, compared to 3.8% for medium-sized companies and 5.2% for large companies. Despite this, many self-employed individuals struggle to afford disability insurance, which they seek at reasonable conditions and costs throughout their careers.

P2P risk sharing offers a solution by eliminating the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional insurance models. This approach can provide disability insurance to millions of self-employed individuals at premiums at least 60% lower than traditional insurers.

For example, assuming an average absenteeism rate of 4% and a €2,000 monthly benefit per incapacitated person, 100 self-employed individuals would have to share a monthly amount of €8,000, or €80 per person. The payments are age-dependent, starting at €5 for an 18-year-old and increasing by €3 annually, reaching €155 per month for a 67-year-old.

In P2P risk sharing, there is no traditional insurer or reinsurer involved. The risk sharing payments are used exclusively for claims, ensuring that the interests of the risk sharing clients are prioritized, unlike traditional insurance where unused premiums cover costs, profits, and taxes.

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