RiskShare Network

At least 60% lower premiums than traditional insurance

RiskShare, the world's first and only true P2P risk sharing platform. With P2P risk sharing, participants pay only premium for each other's claims without the intervention of an insurer or reinsurer, so without costs, taxes and profits resulting in premiums that are at least 60% lower than traditional insurance. The RiskShare platform is completely digital, thus no bureaucracy. It offer coverage for death, disability, accidents, healthcare, travel, liability, legal aid, damage or loss to car, house and contents. "Risk ends where RiskShare begins".

The risk sharing is advised and managed by independent financial advisors. They are the first and only point of contact for advice and claims, making RiskShare both digital and personal. The platform allows participants to easily close, pay, claim and cancel risk sharing schemes themselves in minutes. The monthly premiums are variable and automatically (re)calculated daily, for each specific risk, to cover claims paid on that day. Advisors conduct client surveys to gather preferences for risk sharing schemes and if desired by the majority, these schemes are introduced. This allows participants to influence their own premiums.

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