• 23 Nov 2023
    • 10:00 - 18:00

    'RiskShare Advisors' offers the unique opportunity to run your own advisory office with clients while also enjoying the benefits of a franchise partnership without the hindrance of a central authority. This innovative concept is based on holacracy, and it's only available at RiskShare Advisors.

    As a franchise partnership, RiskShare Advisors provides a platform for modern financial, tax, legal, and medical advisors to work independently and freely, with no obligations or unfriendly contracts. Advisors can join or leave on a daily basis while keeping their accumulated client base. In addition, advisors can be franchisees of other franchise organizations.

    This approach allows advisors to work based on their personal ambition and emotion, while considering their strengths and weaknesses and maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. Clients select or change a RiskShare Advisor for an advice subscription, and advisors handle all aspects of risk-sharing management, from programming to claims. RiskShare Advisors charges a fee per client, but there's no need for a government license.

    Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional insurance, with its high costs, piles of paperwork, and endless bureaucracy. With RiskShare's P2P risk sharing platform, you can provide your clients with coverage at least 60% lower than traditional insurance, and you can earn an attractive income of €90,000 with just 150 clients. What's more, you don't need any permits to start building your client base.

    The RiskShare platform is entirely digital, making it fast, easy, and efficient for your clients to close, pay, claim, and cancel risk sharing schemes in minutes. This decentralized ecosystem operates without bureaucracy, and as an advisor, you're your clients' first and only point of contact for advice and claims, allowing you to build strong, personal relationships with each of them.

    With RiskShare, your clients can even influence their premiums. By conducting client surveys, you can gather preferences that can be incorporated into the risk-sharing schemes, thus affecting premiums. With billions of people worldwide embracing lower insurance premiums, the potential for success is enormous.

    Join the revolution and choose the future of insurance with RiskShare. Say goodbye to the traditional insurance world and hello to 'Risk ends where RiskShare begins'

    Clients: At least 60% premium benefit
    Advisors: Income up to €90,000 by 150 clients
    No government regulations and licences apply


    1. Introductory round

    2. Election of board of directors of the Franchise Parnership.

    3. Lunch

    4. Franchise board presentation

    5. Presentation P2P Risk Sharing

    6. Reconciliation of subscriptions and declarations

    7. Management and use of marketing and promotional budget.

    8. Wishes regarding design and layout of website and mobile app

    9. Closing with the slogan: 'Risk ends where RiskShare begins'