Billions of people worldwide want to switch to 60% lower insurance premiums!

01 May 2023 11:12 | FINANCE VISION (Administrator)

As satisfied members of RiskShare, we are thrilled to share our experience with this revolutionary platform and our advisor who helps us navigate it.

One of the biggest draws of RiskShare is the incredible savings on premiums. By cutting out traditional insurance companies, and avoiding all the associated costs, taxes and profits, we only pay for each other's claims. This results in premiums that are at least 60% lower than traditional insurance. And with the completely digital platform, there are no expensive buildings or staff, making it an even more cost-effective option.

We are also impressed by the variety of coverage offered by RiskShare. They have coverage for everything from death and disability to travel and legal aid. And if there is a specific coverage scheme that a majority of the members want, it can be introduced, giving us more control over our premiums and coverage.

But what really sets RiskShare apart is the personal touch provided by our advisor. Despite the platform being completely digital, we never feel like we are on our own. Our advisor has been there to guide us through the process of closing, paying, claiming and canceling on risk sharing schemes. They have also conducted client surveys to help us and other members make informed decisions about our coverage.

Beyond the financial benefits and personal touch, RiskShare offers a level of freedom and comfort that we have never experienced with traditional insurance. With the ability to easily adjust our coverage and payments ourselves, we feel empowered to take control of our own risk management.

And lastly, there is a sense of status associated with being a part of this innovative platform. We feel like we are a part of a movement that is revolutionizing the insurance industry and changing the way we think about risk management.

Overall, we cannot recommend RiskShare and our advisor enough. They have truly changed the way we approach risk management and have given us a sense of security and comfort that we never thought possible. If you're ready to join the revolution, we highly recommend giving RiskShare a try.