27 Feb 2023 13:54 | Advieskantoor 'FINANCE VISIE' (Administrator)

RiskShare is an innovative and robust platform for P2P risk sharing, leveraging several cutting-edge technologies to provide secure, efficient, and scalable operations.

Node.js is the choice for building the front and backend of the infrastructure, providing fast and reliable communication and data management between different components. Additionally, AWS Lambda is a powerful tool for executing smart contracts, providing an efficient and secure way to automate the risk sharing process.

The use of DynamoDB for storing data from the blockchain ensures that all transactions and interactions taking place within the network are logged, making it easy to keep track of everything that happens within the system. This feature is essential for maintaining transparency and accountability among all participants.

PayPal is a critical component of the RiskShare platform, providing a secure and efficient way to collect and distribute premiums and claims. The fully automatic collection process enables maximum scalability, handling millions of transactions without the need for additional manpower and systems. Moreover, the use of a private blockchain ensures that all transaction details are verifiable and secure, providing an additional layer of protection for all parties involved.

Overall, the combination of Node.js, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and PayPal enables the development of a decentralized and distributed system for sharing and managing data, which is essential for P2P risk sharing without the need for traditional insurers. The use of these technologies provides a secure, efficient, and scalable solution for managing financial risks, making RiskShare a promising platform for the future of risk management.