21 Feb 2023 19:54 | Advieskantoor 'FINANCE VISIE' (Administrator)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Are you ready to jump on board the insurance revolution and reap the rewards of success? Look no further than RiskShare, the world's first P2P risk sharing platform. This innovative platform is poised to change the insurance industry as we know it with its unique approach to P2P risk sharing. With premiums that are at least 60% lower than traditional insurance, RiskShare offers an unparalleled opportunity for profitability.

The platform operates entirely digital, with no expensive buildings or bureaucracy to bog it down. And the best part, no laws or regulations apply, meaning lower costs for participants. With coverage for death, disability, accidents, healthcare, travel, liability, legal aid, damage or loss to car, house and contents, RiskShare truly has it all.

Independent financial advisors manage the risk sharing and build their own client base, providing a personal touch. The monthly premiums are variable and calculated daily to cover claims. The platform allows participants to easily close, pay, claim, and cancel risk sharing schemes in minutes, and client surveys allow participants to influence their own premiums. The advisors act as the ultimate marketing channel

RiskShare has big plans for the future, with a five-year objective of a network of one million clients, a franchise partnership of five thousand advisors, and millions of transactions. With a projected market value of one billion euros, this is an investment opportunity not to be missed. Don't wait, invest in RiskShare today and join the organic growth and outstanding profitability revolution!