15 Nov 2022 10:55 | FINANCE VISION (Administrator)

Entrepreneurial investors take note! A groundbreaking delivery platform is currently in development. Introducing QuickFoodies - the ultimate solution for restaurants and delivery drivers alike, poised to disrupt the food delivery market.

Here are the key features of QuickFoodies:

  • Restaurants will be responsible for creating and updating their menu on the platform, providing comprehensive information on each item, such as the name, ingredients, price, and special instructions. They can also upload media to aid customers in making informed decisions.
  • The platform allows restaurants to determine the level delivery charges to their customers, streamlining the transaction process.
  • QuickFoodies grants restaurants the power to select their own regular delivery drivers or named deliverers, while also enabling deliverers to choose their preferred restaurants or exclusively deliver for a single restaurant. This level of flexibility empowers delivery drivers to work as true freelancers.
  • Restaurants can also set their own delivery fees, motivating delivery drivers to work harder and smarter. Delivery fees go directly to drivers without any deductions.
  • QuickFoodies offers delivery drivers the chance to join their own partnership, allowing for mutual agreements and collective arrangements concerning financial and social security.
  • QuickFoodies operates with minimal overheads, charging a flat platform fee per delivery instead of a percentage of sales. There are no expensive buildings, directors, chefs, front or back office employees, resulting in no bureaucracy.
  • Signing up to QuickFoodies is free and non-committal. Its superior financial, social, and organizational features will entice restaurants and delivery drivers to make the switch to QuickFoodies gradually.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! Invest in the game-changing QuickFoodies platform and become a part of the revolutionizing of the food delivery industry. The launch of QuickFoodies is scheduled for 2023.