The Dutch FinTech Awards & Conference.

  • 20 Apr 2015
  • 12:30 - 20:00
  • ABN AMRO Amsterdam
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Start of Event - Reception / FinTech market

Opening & Welcome by Vincent Everts (chairman), Melle Eijckelhoff ( and Jaron van Dam, Head of OECD banks  Financial Institutions ABN AMRO. 

Panel discussion: The future of the financial sector
Tens of thousands of finance jobs are vanishing. Google, Apple, Facebook and countless FinTech startups are disrupting finance. What will the future bring? It will be mind-blowing, thought-provoking and inspirational. Speakers a.o. Martijn Aslander (trendwatcher), Pieter Duisenberg (VVD), Theodor Kockelkoren (AFM), RenĂ© Frijters (KNAB), Willem Willemstein (Velocity Capital) and Henk Nijboer (PVDA) .
Panel discussion: 
The future of SME finance
SMEs have a hard time to get financed. And yet, SME financing is key for job creation. Crowd funders are getting traction although their marketshare is still modest. Is stapled finance the way to go? Do we need to match SMEs rejected for finance with alternative lenders as in the UKWith Ruut Meijer (ABN AMRO), Hans Biesheuvel (ONL), Ronald Kleverlaan, Henk Nijboer (PVDA) and Peter Verhaar.
Moderator Melle Eijckelhoff (
Panel discussion: 
The future of payments
How will PSD2 influence financial services. What can we learn from ApplePay and Google Wallet? Are e-wallets, mobile, wearable and biometric solutions getting traction? What is the impact of the blockchainWith Mark Buitenhek (ING), Daniel van Delft (Visa Europe),  Berend Dinkla (ABN AMRO), Gijs op de Weegh (Payvision), Joost van der Burgt (AFM) and Rutger van Zuidam (@intobitcoin). 
Moderator Vincent Everts
Dutch FinTech 50
1st Round of pitches
dopay, Frans van Eersel: Finance for the disadvantaged
Knab, Rene Frijters: Revolutionizing banking
* Five Degrees, Martijn Hohmann: Core banking technology
* Symetrics, Martijn van Eck: Analysis of asset portfolios
* Bell ID, Andre Stoorvogel: Mobile payments in the cloud
* Vitrius, Roderick van Esch: Managing investors
Moderator Alex van Groningen (
Break / FinTech market. The hottest Dutch companies showcase their services.
Dutch FinTech 50
2nd Round of pitches
* Flinqer, Bram Hulshof: Getting paid immediately
* Pro Quidity, Jaap Remijn: Control over liquidity
* Treasury Services, Jan Vermeer: Cash pooling services
* Cloud9, Maurice Corver: CREST,
simplifying securitisation
* Ebury, Rob Adrichem: Financing imports and fx
* Trefi, Florus van Herpt: SME finance at lower costs
Moderator Menno van Leeuwen (ABN AMRO).
Dutch FinTech 50
3rd Round of pitches
* AcceptEmail, Robert der Kinderen: Billing and payments 
* CleverCoin, Christian Kok: Bitcoin exchange
* BitStraat, Max Barendregt: POS terminal for Bitcoin
* Bitonic, Pieter Jan Hoppel: Largest Dutch Bitcoin-company
* Bitmymoney , Robert Nederhoed: Spend bitcoins
* Komparu, Bart van Raak: Price/product comparison
Moderator Harrie Vollaard 
(Rabo Bank).
Dutch FinTech 50
4th Round of pitches
* Advicegames, Diederick van Thiel: Gamification of advice
* The Moneyer, Erik Driessen: Personal finance and planning
* Monyq, Igor Kluin : Finances back up-to-date
* Bux, Nick Bortot: Excitement of stock exchanges
* Fairzekering, Hans Gerritsen: Rewarding safe drivers
* Owlin, Sjoerd Leemhuis: The meaning of news
Moderator Vincent Everts

Dutch FinTech 50
5th Round of pitches
* Symbid, Robin Slakhorst: Crowd funding network
* Crowdpartners, Bernd Mintjes: Crowd funding platform
* Leapfunder, Tienko Rasper: Early stage financing
* Sparkholder, Bastiaan Burgwal: Real-time analytics
* Equidam, Daniel Faloppa: Business valuations
* Equistor, Freek Tromp: Portfolio and value tracking
Moderator Menno van Leeuwen (ABN AMRO).
Dutch FinTech 50
6th Round of pitches
* InvoiceSharing, Jeroen Volk: Marketplace and free e-invoicing
*Simpled Card, Yvo Gortemaker: Payment cards distribution
*ClubCollect, Adam Posma: Collect membership fees
*CashOrCard POS, John Staunton: POS on iPad or Android
*Cashr by Reeleezee, Wilko Stronks: iPad / tablet point of sale
Sign2Pay, Nicolas Mertens: Payments using touchscreens
Moderator Harrie Vollaard 
(Rabo Bank).

Dutch FinTech 50
7th Round of pitches
* Cxo-cockpit, Hugo Ehrnreich: Control performance
* Sophiq, Bas Volkers: Manage governance and risk
* Basecone, Vincent van Renesse: Document processing
* ISEEMORE, Kees Schaap: Real-time company data 24x7
* Jacco/Cloud4banking, Robert van Dongen: Cash management
* Declaree, Bas Janssen: Expense reporting using apps
Moderator Vincent Everts
Reception / FinTech Market  and at 19.00 announcement of FinTech Awards winners.