New delivery platform 'QuickFoodies' is under construction.

15 Nov 2022 10:55 | Anonymous

Attention all entrepreneurial investors! Are you looking for a revolutionary new platform that will disrupt the food delivery market? Look no further than QuickFoodies, the ultimate solution for restaurants and delivery drivers.


  • Restaurants are responsible for creating and updating their menu on the delivery platform themselves. They may need to provide detailed information about each item, including the name, ingredients, price, and any special instructions or modifications. They may also need to upload images or other media to help customers make informed decisions about their orders.
  • The platform allows restaurants to charge delivery costs directly to customers, providing a streamlined and efficient way to do business.
  • QuickFoodies empowers restaurants to appoint regular delivery drivers and/or set a preference for named deliverers, while also allowing deliverers to designate the restaurants they prefer or exclusively want to deliver for. This flexibility gives deliverers the autonomy they need to thrive as real and unconditional freelancers.

  • With QuickFoodies, restaurants have also the power to determine their own delivery fees, motivating deliverers to work harder and smarter. Delivery fees go directly to delivery drivers unshortened.
  • In addition, QuickFoodies offers deliverers the opportunity to join their own partnership for mutual agreements and for the conclusion of collective arrangements regarding financial and social security.
  • QuickFoodies operates with minimal overhead, charging a flat platform fee per delivery instead of a percentage of sales, and has no expensive buildings, no directors, no chefs, no front and back office employees and therefore no bureaucracy.
  • Creating an account on QuickFoodies is free and without obligation, and with its excellent financial, social and organizational features, restaurants and delivery drivers will gradually make the switch to QuickFoodies.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in a game-changing platform that will revolutionize the food delivery industry. Join us in launching QuickFoodies in 2023.